Landscape Design in Wyckoff, NJ

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The right landscape design can transform an ordinary yard into an extraordinary oasis. The key is carefully balancing hardscape and softscape and selecting stone and plants that complement the home and the style of the homeowners. Crafting that harmony is something many homeowners place in the hands of professional landscape designers. These pros have the… Read more »

Landscape Design in Wesley Hills, New York

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A harmonious landscape design delicately balances softscape and hardscape. Softscape is everything “soft” in the yard, i.e., plants, trees and grass. Hardscape is all the “hard” features like patios, walkways, and pool decks. For over 30 years, Curti’s Landscaping has been designing and installing beautifully balanced landscapes for homeowners and businesses. We invite you to… Read more »

Should I Hire a Landscape Designer?

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Our answer is yes because we believe it pays to work with a professional. Landscape designers have the knowledge and experience to beautifully blend a client’s needs and desires with environmental elements and material choices. Working with a landscape designer, you will have an inviting and functional outdoor space you and your guests will want… Read more »

Sidewalk and Parking Lot Ice Removal Tips

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During the winter months, property owners and managers must take extra precautions. While the season’s snow and ice may create beautiful scenery, they also can cause extremely dangerous conditions. Property owners have a responsibility to effectively remove snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lots. Failure to do so can not only result in fines,… Read more »

What Is Hardscape and Softscape?

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Learn the Difference and Why Your Landscape Design Needs Both Beautiful landscape designs incorporate hardscape and softscape. While these two elements are completely opposite of each other, a delicate balance of both creates harmony. Before you begin to design the yard of your dreams, it is important to learn the difference between these two landscape… Read more »

Winter Landscape Design Ideas

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The winter is the perfect time to really look at your landscape design. Now that the leaves have left the trees and the perennials are cut to stubs, is your landscaping looking barren and drab? Do you wish you had the right plants in place to love your yard EVERY season? A carefully drafted design… Read more »

Seasonal Commercial Snow Removal Contracts Save Time, Money and Headaches

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For commercial property owners and managers, winter brings its challenges – namely snow and ice storms. These events can impact work production and sales. They also command substantial snow management effort and significant expense. Engaging in a seasonal snow removal contract can save property owners and managers time, money and headaches. Think of a seasonal… Read more »