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Our answer is yes because we believe it pays to work with a professional. Landscape designers have the knowledge and experience to beautifully blend a client’s needs and desires with environmental elements and material choices. Working with a landscape designer, you will have an inviting and functional outdoor space you and your guests will want to enter and enjoy – without the headache of overseeing or doing the work yourself. Here are a few ways your outdoor project can benefit from the assistance of a landscape designer

Why You Should Work with a Landscape Designer on Your Outdoor Project


  • Look at the Whole Project. Unlike general landscapers, landscape designers look beyond the botanicals to overall aesthetics and cost. They learn how you wish to use the property, address your style preferences, assess the current environmental landscape, and focus on your budget.
  • Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes. With an understanding of the principles of garden design, landscape designers help steer property owners away from expensive mishaps. They will advise you what plants work best with your weather zone, elevation and soil, so that you don’t plant the wrong plants in the wrong places! A landscape designer also considers aesthetics, how new additions will work together and with your home’s exterior. You will receive a computer-generated blueprint for your yard that depicts the placement of each plant and hardscape feature, i.e., walkway, wall, water feature, pool, etc. You will see how your yard will look before you put shovel to dirt.
  • Bring Harmony and Balance. A beautiful landscape incorporates a blend of softscape and hardscape, as well as color and texture. Too much hardscape is sensory overload. A yard overflowing with trees, shrubs and flowers can look like an unkept jungle. A landscape designer will create a concept that includes a colorful balance of hard and soft features. The result: an inviting space you and your guests will want to spend time in.
  • Save You Time and Headaches. When you hire a landscape design firm, you can place the project in their hands. They will create the design with a focus on your needs and style, select and coordinate the purchase of plants and hardscape materials, oversee installation, and arrange for any necessary permits. The landscape design firm will handle all the details. You won’t have to lift a finger – just your feet on a chaise in your newly landscaped yard.

An experienced landscape design firm can plan and design outdoor spaces for homes, condominium complexes, apartment complexes, commercial and industrial properties, parks, recreational facilities, schools, hospitals, and more.


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